Saturday, November 2, 2013



This describes how our feelings can be for us or against us. We just need to know when to fight back or to ride along. 

Theres so much you can do with feelings. Almost like an ocean only knowing the certain current's direction. But the more you discover, the knowledge is gained on how to ride the winds & storms which come along! Riding a wave is one way to search the feelings. When fighting back determined in the destination. Parting the waves disturbing the natural flow, to fight against while fighting for. The bowsprit is battered & chewed by the anger of the current. Waging war against your passion that fuels you. Doing anything & everything to drown you. Desiring to sink you into the depths.
Pushing through, changes current's course taking you with it. Carrying you along to such desired places. Saving you & healing you from the battle once had. Creating the colorful adventure of the journey. 
Slowly discovering yourself full of danger & comfort not knowing what the next current may bring but willing to ride however needed. 

Trying to communicate correctly the emotion going on inside can be difficult. So much going on but all filled with motion, driven by the warmth & edginess of life.  

By: Drew Powell 

Poem was inspired by the movie Once.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Easy as cutting through warmed butter just like the wings cut through clouds. 
Mind gets opened, clear & relaxed. 
Freedom that's freely given by excepting the challenge of the unknown flight. 
Not knowing what it will entail or reveal. 
Different seeings from different angles but same destination.  
Never knowing what you'll see, how you'll see it or how it changes. 
It's space waiting to be discovered like a hidden planet filled with air. 

What is air? What is cleared spaced undiscovered? Is the sky filled with air or does air make up the sky? 

Free from the worries of the day, the hauntings of the yesterday's or the fear of the tomorrow's.
Lifted from the weight of gravity & even the waiting. 
Only seeing shadings of what is revealed, textured with what creates. 
Light, for it shows or lack of, hides. 
Watching as the clouds form into that mountainous figures filled with mystical creatures and unsought adventure. 
Taking you to places only dreamed of. Making them that much closer to reality. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Honestly Battling

Listening to Christian music, surrounding lovers of Jesus as a border.
Trying to block out but what was rooted so unknowingly deep.
Core of life.
Noticed by the faithfulness of steady hands and heart.
Why am I wanting out?
No good excuse to want. Even with the strongest taunt.
I was born this way crumbles to the ground as being shot from an archer.
Seeing them doesn't help. How can I be attached with one?
Unchartered maps of none answerable questions have become my consistency.
Tossed around the sea by the waves of impurity and false satisfaction.
Confusion seems to be my oxygen, but you don't have to tell me again.
I know He's here!
But why?!
Oh why does it seem my life is crumbling like an avalanche? Looking side to side curled waiting for life to crush me… waiting… slowly realizing warmth being blanketed over me.
Seeing the war of rocks and snow being a braced.
It is He! The One who is so faithful. The shoulder and chest that is always there but so easily forgotten.
Oh the passiveness of apathy entangles me like marrow in my bones.
I have noticed I do everything possible for me not to 'fall away' but do I speak and take action?
Oh the passiveness of apathy entangles me like marrow in my bones.
Why do I scream 'I'm fearless' when I can't let go?

(Dec 9th, 2012 4:43am)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Light Beneath The Darkness

Light beneath the Darkness

Burning beneath the ground it shines
My hearts wickedness makes me vomit
Under it all my heart is rotten
How can it be
How can it be
That this Light
Beneath my grossness purifies
Every inch it touches
The scenes no one sees the acts behind the certain
The thoughts that make up the thinking
Poisoning the crevices it sees
Like a wild fire it peirces my mind
How can it be
How can it be
That this Light
Beneath my grossness purifies
Every inch it touches
Seemingly thinking I have to go back
Retracing my path of destruction
Making things harder even though it doesnt have to be
Hating moment by moment
Thinking I need this, it's the only way to live
Half way done the Light speaks
"What are you doing I've made a new way?!"
Retracing my retracted path
The pull of the path
Heavy weighing me back down
One step at a time braking through the Darkness
The Light beneath pushes my stubbornness towards the Thrown of Light
How can it be
How can it be
That this Light
Beneath my grossness purifies
Every inch it touches